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Often times we find ourselves battling against our bodies to feel good and lose weight. Isn't it time your body was on Your Team? With our whole-body approach to weight loss we work with you to create positive relationships between food, fitness, and feelings/behavior.  We want to give you the tools to build a solid foundation to maintain the healthy body that you want.  

Team Body is an individualized, whole-body approach that offers either one-on-one support or group options to help you make permanent changes in your feelings, fitness habits, and teach you the role food plays in your life.  Our goal isn't for you to just lose the weight, but to learn how to feel good in your body, and sustain a healthy weight. 

Team Body has 4 phases, Screening, Reducing, Adapting, and Sustaining.  You'll have weekly meetings with a registered dietitian to walk you through each phase.  The program includes an option to add Numetra nutritional supplements for added convenience.  

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Program Details:

Team body is a minimum 16-week* commitment that includes:

  • FREE Discovery call to answer questions and assess readiness

  • Initial evaluation and goal setting session

  • Weekly check-in's that include education on behavior, fitness, and nutrition with a registered dietitian

  • Seamless transitions between 4 phases

    • Readiness screening​

    • Weight loss and learning new behaviors

    • Making smart grocery choices and adjusting to a new lifestyle

    • Maintenance of weight loss and new lifestyle

  • Personalized binder to monitor weekly habits and organize weekly materials

  • Grocery lists and meal plans

  • Numetra nutritional supplements**

  • Continued support once the program is over to sustain weight loss and avoid regaining

*call for further details, specifics vary depending on each person/plan.

Team Body

Program Only. Clients are responsible for all grocery items.

Team Body Plus+
One on One

Program plus nutritional supplements by Numetra. Private weekly meetings with a registered dietitian.

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Team Body Plus+

Program plus nutritional supplements by Numetra. Weekly meetings held via Facebook Live in a private Team Body community page.

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