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Summer Meals and Snacks

Remember that saying, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”? The summer heat is upon us which can zap our energy and eating hot foods just don’t sound very appealing but we still need to eat.  What should we do?  

The number one thing we need to do in the summer heat is to drink.  Keeping hydrated in the heat, even if we are indoors most of the time, is very important.  Try to drink at least 8 glasses of fluid each day, more if you are outside and sweating.  Water is the number one beverage but other fluids can count also.  If it is hard to get in the fluids, fill a pitcher of water, keep it in the refrigerator and drink from it all day, it should be empty by the end of the day.  If you drink something else, take that amount from the water pitcher.  To give that water flavor, add slices of lemons and limes or other fruit or add a little juice in the water for extra flavor.

Cool summer meals and snacks include:

  • Sandwiches are great this time of year – choose whole grain bread, add deli meat, low fat cheese, leftover meats or peanut butter.  Top with mayo, mustard, avocado and lettuce and tomato.  Add cut up veggies or slices of tomato to round out that meal.

  • Tomatoes and peppers are abundant this time of year – add to cottage cheese with a side of fruit.  Very refreshing!

  • Cucumbers are also in season – make a cucumber, onion and vinegar salad, add a grilled hamburger patty or chicken breast and oh so good!!

  • Salads are so nice and refreshing – try a variety of lettuces, add your other favorite vegetables.  Make enough for several meals.  Add some protein such as deli meat, canned tuna, boiled egg, beans, cottage cheese, cheese or leftover meats and low fat salad dressing.  A side of crackers and fruit and you have a satisfying meal.

  • Yogurt with fruit or added fruit with low fat granola and a few nuts makes a very light breakfast.

  • Boil several eggs at one time and add to a salad or eat with some cut up vegetables and/or fruit for a great snack.

  • Sliced peaches with a dollop of yogurt for an afternoon snack is refreshing.

  • Freeze grapes and other fruit and eat for a wonderfully cool snack.  Add a few nuts or a slice of cheese for staying power.

  • Freeze yogurt and let thaw a little for a slushy, nutritious snack.

  • Smoothies are great this time of year – Blend fruit, yogurt or milk with ice and you have a quick cool breakfast or snack.

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